Train – Training and Research for Academic Newcomers
The objectives of the TRAIN program are to develop, implement and evaluate a structured professional development training program consisting of 7 modules for new academics (PhD students, assistants, junior professors, post-docs of not more than three years work experience) at four Western Balkan universities (University of Sarajevo, University of Belgrade, University of Novi Sad and University of Montenegro).


Through the program the new academics build the knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence to enhance their own practice in ways that will improve student learning, their own research and their contribution to society and industry. The program also aims to improve collaboration among new academics, expanding their networks and enhancing their capacity for educational leadership, enabling them to positively influence the change. The 7 modules are:


1.  Research Methodology, Scientific Writing and Result Presentation
2.  Higher Education Didactics
3.  Preparing Funding Applications & Project Management
4.  Communication & Presentation Skills
5.  Entrepreneurial Skills
6.  Networking & Teamwork
7.  Designing Higher Education Curricula


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