The Pilot in Belgium

Given the specific situation in Brussels, the Intesys pilot is a double one, with a project in both language communities, French and Flemish.
On the Flemish side, the pilot is closely connected to the development of the Brussels (Flemish) family centre (‘Huis van het Kind’), which is all about a close cooperation of different services for families and (young) children. In this pilot, VBJK is supporting, monitoring and documenting the overall process of developing the cooperation between the partnering services on the Brussels level. This is done by semi-structured interviews, focus groups with partners, meetings in order to get a clear view on what the expectations are, how the planning is being made, how partners feel the cooperation should be developed.
At the same time, VBJK will also be coaching a process on a more local level, the organisation of cooperation within several local teams, closer to the families to be served by the pilot. As the needs of families may be different in different areas of the city, the partnerships, the services offered and the set goals, may also differ from one another. This is done by means of regular intervision in a learning network on participative work, a theme proposed by the partnering organisations themselves.

On the French side, the pilot builds on cooperation between different services in the field of early years, such as childcare (0-3y), pre-school and out of school care (3-6y). As children spend their days in these services, increased cooperation and a certain level of continuity is beneficial to their well-being and feeling at home. In this pilot, the focus is on creating smoother transitions between different settings for young children. This is done by bringing the partners together in a critical learning communities, having regular meetings to learn with and from each other and develop ways of warms transitions together. Throughout the pilot, groups of parents will also be involved, so to keep their concerns and needs into consideration.
Throughout the pilot, methods of the toolbox are being used and/or adapted where needed. Other methods or approaches may also be used or developed (e.g. focus groups), which then could be added to the toolbox which is ‘work in progress’.
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