the pilot in Slovenia

Pilot in Slovenia is implemented in two municipalities, Grosuplje and Trebnje, both with a very low rate of Romani children, enrolled in preschool education. The environments where the pilot is implemented are environments with traditional Romani settlement. Since there is very low participation of Romani children in the pre-school education, especially for the 0-3 age group, we aim to develop a common understanding about the right to education for every child and about the importance of quality education for each and every child. We strive to mobilise all relevant stakeholders, in order to connect them and to develop services that correspond to Romani families’ needs.

The general objectives of the pilot are:

- to increase the enrolment rate and attendance of Romani children in preschool programs (Preschool Kekec Grosuplje)

- to make transition from preschool to primary school for the Romani children smoother (Preschool Mavrica Trebnje).

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