Research increasingly shows the importance of the early years for child development, the value of investment in early childhood development and the risks of inaction. The early years are critical for a child’s cognitive, emotional, linguistic and social development, which lay the foundation for later success in school, university and the workplace, as well as for physical and mental well-being.

During these early years, development outcomes differ for children from middle- to high-income families and those from low-income families, and the gap widens as time progresses.

The King Baudouin Foundation, together with partner foundations from Europe and the United States, have created the Transatlantic Forum on Inclusive Early Years, bringing together leading scientists, practitioners, civil society members, business leaders and political decision-makers from Europe and North America. Forum participants will explore policies and projects supporting the early childhood development of children from migrant and low-income families.

The aim is to exchange newest research results, strategies, policies, innovations and best practices and create the opportunity to scale-up existing knowledge and evidence based research.


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