Quality Early Childhood Services for All: Addressing Disparities in Access for Children from Migrant and Low-Income Families

First meeting: 21-23 January 2013, Ghent (Belgium)

Learning Objectives

  • Explore what is currently known and what remains unknown about rates of usage of quality early childhood program services by migrant and low-income families across the EU and US based on currently available indices and data systems
  • Understand persisting barriers to accessing quality early childhood programs that are specific to children of migrants across policy and practice levels, and how they are being addressed across contrasting systems and nations, seeking to recognize diverse cultural and economic needs experienced by specific groups within these populations
  • Examine ways in which access to children from migrant and low-income families to quality early childhood services can be expanded, and explore examples of successful policies and practices that have helped programs and local and national systems to break out of patterns of unequal access and provision
  • Observe child care and pre-school programs pioneering in accessibility in underserved neighborhoods


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