Workforce Preparation and Curriculum Innovations

2nd Meeting: July 10th – 12th, 2013, New York (USA)

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the types of purposeful changes in instructional practice and teacher preparation that have been successful in addressing the new challenges presented by the demographic shift that is being experienced in cities and districts across the EU and the US
  • Explore the types of innovative curricula that have been successful in engaging children of migrants and other children from low-income families, including the research upon which they are based, ease of adoption and scaling in different settings, and measurement of outcomes
  • Examine the steps that local institutions, systems and different levels of government are taking in order to better prepare professionals, teachers and care givers to work effectively and competently with children of migrants and children experiencing poverty both through pre-service and in-service training and professional development
  • Identify successful strategies that governments, cities and districts have used to diversify their early childhood workforce and recruit from former migrant populations to reflect the changing demographics of their child populations
  • Learn what evaluations can tell us about the efficacy of various policy and practice interventions, and when and how they should be used to shape early childhood policy and to effectively drive overall program and system improvement


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