Successful Parent and Family Engagement in the Early Years: Reaching out to Immigrant and Low-income Families.

​Third meeting: 20-22 January 2014, Lisbon (Portugal)

Learning objectives

  • Examine how the needs of families with a migrant background and parents experiencing poverty can be addressed, ensuring that they are effective “first teachers” for their children and encouraging them to act as advocates for their children’s educational success and well-being.
  • Observe and analyze innovative and effective practices being used in parental engagement for children from migrant and low-income families across local systems and NGO levels that can be integrated at a systemic level.
  • Explore models and programs that work successfully with low-income and immigrant parents and families with young children and incorporate health and early learning strategies in their curricula.
  • Learn about effective ways in which ECEC programs can be leveraged as an opportunity to engage parents in training and other services as part of a dual generation poverty reduction and integration strategy.
  • Consider the ways in which systems alignment affects ongoing parent and family engagement in children’s early years and examine lessons learned from cities and nations that have begun to implement integration and alignment efforts.


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