European Network for Migrant Mentoring

Mentoring – an experienced individual coaching or advising a more junior partner or peer — is increasingly recognised in Europe as a tool for advancing the integration of disadvantaged individuals. Mentoring programmes are quite diverse and include, e.g. Mentoring in vocational education, which prepares youngsters for the labour market and for finding an apprenticeship, mentoring in higher education, aimed at stemming the high dropout rates in the first year at university, particularly among students from nonacademic family backgrounds or mentoring in the labour market, which guides students’ transitions to the labour market, helps them build networks, and offers coaching as they begin their first jobs.

The Foundation supports the  European Centre for Evidence-Based Mentoring based in the Netherlands to establish a European Exchange Programme of organization working on mentoring, to organise European congress on Mentoring, study visits and workshops on mentoring.


See website of European Centre for Evidence-Based Mentoring/MentorProgramma Friesland:


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