European Joint Fund for Hungary

The European Joint Fund for Hungary (EJFH), created by a consortium of seven foundations, is an important act of solidarity with the Hungarian civil society sector. Over the past few years, state authorities have repeatedly challenged civil society’s legal status, financial capacity and public image. In 2014, the situation escalated when the government initiated investigation of recipients of Norway Grant funding, suggesting that the work of the managing consortium and some of its beneficiaries was politically motivated and potentially in breach of Hungarian legislation. Despite a series of in-depth investigations, state authorities found no evidence of any major infringement.

Driven by the conviction that critical civil society organizations are key players in all European democracies, EJFH seeks to serve as an intermediary mechanism to help mitigate the risks and negative impacts of these investigations. Moreover, it encourages new endeavors and activities to strengthen the capacities of the sector by broadening its constituencies, reinforcing fundraising, and professionalizing communication. The EJFH, operated by NEF, functions through targeted invitations and is currently implementing its first annual work plan.



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